St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Manchester

Client: Central Manchester Foundation Trust
Materials: printed film, wallpaper, laminates, LEDs, bespoke plastics

Phase Two: Stella Corrall was asked to continue her artworks into the Children and Young People’s Play Therapy Room. She created her pieces based on the idea of doodle drawing, an activity which might be done when distracted, thinking or waiting.  The wall mounted piece has a lime coloured frame of interlocking curving loops, with each interior curve filled with hand-made acrylic panel inserts. The piece is back lit with an LED lighting panel which the viewer can alter by selecting both the lighting colour and intensity.  In addition, there is the option to choose a pre-programmed slow soothing colour change of either 20minutes or 1 hour.  The window film designs work in harmony with the wall mounted piece, continuing the gentle loops and using similar colours. The window film artworks change in intensity with the natural light, depending on weather and time of day.  All the artworks work together to create a sense of continual change and offer a fresh space for each visit.

Stella’s also design work for the Waiting Room aim to create a calm and serene ambiance.  The circular wall mounted artwork consists of three layers of translucent coloured acrylic panels.  Each layer has been laser cut with a gentle swirling curved design creating a sense of depth and gentle movement which is enhanced by being back-lit by an LED lighting panel. The viewer can choose pre-programmed options of gently changing colours which play continuously or a single colour of their choice.  A circular ‘thought box’ sits on the wall near the large artwork, inviting people to share any reflections they may have as they sit and wait.  Curving swirl designs continue on the frosted white window film artwork, allowing clear spaces within the design to offer a view outside and natural light to fill the room while maintaining a sense of privacy.


Phase Two - LED artwork next to window design

Phase Two - Children's Play Therapy Room Windows

Phase Two - LED artwork in waiting room

Phase Two - LED artwork detail

Phase One: Stella Corrall produced designs for the centre’s circulation windows and walls, working alongside artist's Helen Kitchen’s with her photomontages. Stella focused on creating privacy for the corridor windows, using organic motifs and Helen took themes from the four seasons, with its constant cycle of growth and regeneration.

Overall the artwork was created to help with wayfinding and creating a calming, beautiful and uplifting environment for clients, visitors and staff. The artwork welcomes and leads the visitor into and through the Centre – extending from the ground floor entrance, up the stairwell to the windows and walls within the Centre on the 2nd floor.

Phase One - Entrance Waiting Area

Phase One - Circulation Corridor

Phase One - Circulation Corridor

Phase One - Printed Film for Window