Stella's artwork encompasses applications for glazing and wall spaces to suspended installations for atriums.

There is always an aspect of translucency in her artwork: as printed films or bespoke plastics, whether combining natural or led lighting. These materials convey stained glass like qualities which bring an air of serenity to each artwork. The journey of engagement is essential to her work as it combines embracing ownership of the artwork, simultaneously raising expectations with people’s involvement and interest. 


Bespoke Plastics

Stella creates her unique plastic material through her own techniques of integrally colouring and patterning. She combines graduating and integrated forms so that the material has a sense of depth and intrigue. Once compression moulded into sheet form the material is used directly for artwork components.

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Translucent Films

Stella translates her drawings and mark-making into digital designs for printing onto translucent film. This film can be applied directly to glazing or can be contained within bespoke frames to suspend over window spaces. There are endless possibilities with design and printing effects.

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Stella uses slim LED light sheet to enhance her translucent artworks. These can be controlled in their brightness as well as being linked to [movement] sensors. More recently Stella has used RGB LEDs on bespoke programmes offering gentle colour changes to aid relaxing environments.

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