bradford royal infirmary, ward 6

Client: Bradford Royal Infirmary
Materials: laminates, bespoke plastic, printed film

Artwork was created as part of the gastro and renal ward refurbishment. Stella created printed designs for two 8 bed wards, reception and entrance doors. She also produced artwork for the main hub area. Helen Kitchen produced wall artwork for the corridor and patient rooms, also ceiling artwork for one 6 bed ward. Overall they developed welcoming signage and new bed signs were created to help patients orientate when on the ward. An entrance sign was developed with leds to attract visitors to the ward, it’s flow of colour has been proven to increase usage.

Using a lamination on the window film was perfect for infection control and also allowed colours to be cast onto the floor. The artwork for the hub area is made from bespoke acrylic and these colours mix with laminate panels to flow around the curved wall.

All the artwork was developed in close consultation with patients and staff.

Circulation Area

Detail of Hub Area Artwork

Window Partitioning Panel

Artworks dividing wards

Window Artwork

Hub Window Artwork