stella strives to create timeless designs that are visually rich and accessible to their audience

Whether these are as a gentle presence or bold intervention, clients can be reassured to receive truly unique solutions for their buildings. The materials used are beautifully unique, innovative and practical, require little maintenance, meet fire and H&S regulations and have a track record of being readily approved for large-scale interior applications.



“I’m really passionate about achieving the best artistic solution for a space, I want to create timeless designs that create a statement balanced with an air of beautiful serenity.”

I graduated in 1997 with a First Class BA Honours Degree in Multi-Media Textiles. Since setting up my business in 2000 I have developed my techniques and processes to become a specialist in my field of plastics.

Now in 2016 I can offer my wealth of experience and unwavering enthusiasm for creating site-specific artworks for well-being. 


"I thrive in my thorough approach, bringing a fresh open perspective which in turn brings a creativity, quality and innovation to the process of creating an outstanding environment.” 

A strong communication throughout the project is a given for enabling clear understanding, and I am open to reflection in developing designs towards original, relevant artworks.

In all projects I strive to avoid preconceived judgments before each part has been addressed, understood and research collated.

Overall my knowledge of working from concept to installation, to design and produce bespoke artworks of the highest quality, mean that truly unique work is designed and achieved as an integral solution for each project location.


“My aim is to intrigue, delight and engage people of all ages. By working with the community and client my work develops naturally in response to the environment, creating artwork with welcoming warmth and reassurance.”

Engagement is such an important process that is pivotal to success of my designs and final artworks. My wealth of teaching and community experience is brought to participatory sessions to ensure a thoroughness and broad view.

This experience of leading sessions in numerous settings has always brought home the extremely wide audience of users, especially with their varied backgrounds and individual responses. They gain people’s varied perceptions and ideas which significantly influence the developing designs.