St. Luke’s Hospital, Horton Wing, Bradford

Client: Lucentia Design
Materials: UV/CMYK printed film, LED’s

Wall based artwork was created as part of the refurbishment project for Horton Wing at St. Luke’s Hospital Bradford. Stella was commissioned as lead artist, and worked with Helen Bridges to create artwork spanning the two corridors covering the 8 main departments as well as the two stairwells. Stella has brought her fresh approach using colour and form to create different identities for departments. Each has their own LED panel to highlight their entrance. Combining coloured laminates with her unique plastics or Helen Bridges screen-prints has enabled a variety of themed ‘Yorkshire at its Best’ designs so that building users have a transformed visit. The colours of the collaborative window designs flow from each department, helping wayfinding, creating a warmth and encourage use of the beautifully refurbished gardens.

Physio department, view from wing entrance

Physio Department, corridor view

Elderly Ward

Stairwell Artwork, from ground floor to first floor

Stairwell Artwork, from first floor to ground floor

Out-Patients Department, corridor view

Out-Patients Department Entrance