Stella transforms spaces with her site specific artworks

Specialising in bespoke artworks for public environments - from entrances, waiting areas to atriums - Stella takes a holistic approach to create a narrative or continuity within an environment which supports a theme and often aids place-making and way-finding.


Artistic mediums

There is always an aspect of translucency in Stella's artwork, as bespoke plastics or translucent films, whether combining natural or led lighting. The materials convey stained glass like qualities which bring an air of serenity to each artwork. 

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latest commission

Stella has recently completed a commission for the play therapy and waiting room for the Sexual Assessment Referral Clinic in St. Mary's Hospital, part of Central Manchester Hospitals. She used translucent films, bespoke plastics with lighting to achieve restful and reflective artworks to aid the services.

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